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Im currently looking to see how much it would cost to code a modification for my forum. Ive tried to include as much detail as possible and also some very badly drawn pictures!

Basically my forum is a fan site for the mobile game “Airport City”. Android and ios uses are able to send each other gifts within the game to complete missions, buildings and flights ect. Ive been trying to think of a system to make the process a lot easier.

If you need any further info please just ask.

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Admin Control Panel Options:

Active: Yes/No
Forums: Select Forums / Enter Forum ID’s
Usergroups: Select Usergroups / Enter Usergroup ID’s
Edit Member Score (Or possibly from members profile in ACP)
Add Items to Database
Remove Items from Database

Control Panel


Items available to trade: Member clicks on item and it is added to the “Selected” section. If clicked in the selected section it will remove it.

Items I currently need: Member clicks on item and it is added to the “Selected” section. If clicked in the selected section it will remove it. Multiple selections of the same item required.

All items are pre-added via the ACP. If member clicks "Other" a pop up box appears allowing him to input an item that has not yet been added.

Post In Thread


Member two clicks on the boxes in Member ones Daily Trading Profile to indicate when he can send and what he would like returned.

Member two can cancel what he has sent or when he would like by pressing an “X”. Confirmation pop up asking if he is sure he wishes to cancel the trade.

Only Member one can click the “Yes/No” buttons in the Trade Status section, however everyone will be able to view the status.

When yes selected, changes to a green tick. If no selected changed to a red cross. Possibility of changing result incase wrong button is pressed.

Have you received?” – If yes, selected, Plus 1 to Member ones received score and Plus 1 to member Twos sent score.


Member One - “You have received a trade! Update you Daily Trade Profile status here – [LINK TO POST IN THREAD]”

Member Two – “Member One has responded to your trade and sent you {Item}. Have you received this item? YES/NO”

If “Yes” selected, Plus 1 to Member ones sent score and Plus 1 to Member twos received score.

The table below would be show underneath a users avatar.