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Looking for a Good Host

Discussion in 'Server Configuration and Hosting' started by Cambion, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. Cambion

    Cambion Well-Known Member

    I'm with Knownhost VPS and they are okay but a little laggy and what not for my taste.

    I currently utilize their SSD vps plan. Just looking for something Managed and with Cpanel and at least 2 GB-3 GB ram with quality support. Not trying to go over $100 but would prefer to stay in the $60-$80 range.

    Location wise....I prefer US but then again, I wonder does it really matter since 90 percent of my users are in Europe lol

    So us or UK. SSD preferred but not required.

    Past Experiences: Wiredtree(Meh), Servint(Average), BigScoots(Great alternative), Futurehosting(negative...but this was in 2012, so it may have changed).
  2. jwright

    jwright Active Member


    This is very concerning to me. Our SSD plans should not have one bit of lag. Do you have a ticket number I can use to lookup your account so I can check into a few things for you?

    XF itself shouldn't be your bottleneck nor should it be the server but I definitely want to get to the bottom of this for you.
  3. Cambion

    Cambion Well-Known Member

    Well Granted i've only been on XF less than a day, so it could've been an IPB thing. I actually opened a ticket last night/early this morning. I'll PM you the ID number now.
  4. FredC

    FredC Well-Known Member

    Dang thats some service.. Took my host three days to complete a password reset request
  5. jwright

    jwright Active Member

    You should see our support ticket response times ;)
  6. Cambion

    Cambion Well-Known Member

    Ouch :( I had that happened with a past host.

    of course this is also Surprise Service, since i didn't realize they were members here :D
  7. jwright

    jwright Active Member

    What can I say, I like XenForo :) Our company forum runs it. I swapped us to it from vB 3.7 and haven't looked back since.
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  8. Moshe1010

    Moshe1010 Well-Known Member

    If most of your users are in Europe, they will notice some difference in terms of speed at your forum - especially if your forum is picture heavy/have many style elements (e.g many icons that aren't CSS/a background, etc`).
    I've tested about 15 hosts in a month, with CDN and without a CDN. The conclusion was that it's about twice faster (we are taking in milliseconds here) between a US based host and EU based host for people in the EU (or around it). On threads with 5+ pictures, the difference could be in seconds per a load, which is very significant.
    My home page with a US hosting company was about 1.8-2.0 sec (load) and about 900ms (DOMC). This was pretty constant across many US companies, some of which you're noted. On an EU host, it was about 0.9-1.1 sec (load) and 400-600ms (DOMC).
    For me it was pretty significant, so I chose an EU host (Netherlands, which has the on of the best output/data centers in the world).

    If you would like to stay with a US hosting company, I would get a good CDN (e.g. MaxCDN) and ask to install xCache (and of course the latest PHP version, which is currently 5.5.15). Changing your MySQL to Percona and enable caching can also help to speed up your forum, but it would take a massive amount of RAM if your database is pretty big.
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