Looking for a better way to process new users (registrations)


My forum gets about 30 new registrations a day. 19 of which are spam users from pakistan and india.

Is there a plugin where I can look at all the new registrations for a day on one screen and process the ones I need to Reject quickly?

As it is now I have to scroll down to each one and hit reject then scroll down to the next. Every day for 365 days a year trying to find legitimate new users.

Thanks for any help.


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Why don't you set up the spam options to reject registrations, rather than moderate them?


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I use the add-on TPU: Detect and Block Spam Registrations (free, which I have contributed code to) for being able to-do per county and per ISP blocking.

The ISP-level blocking is useful as it lets you blacklist entire ISPs regardless of what IPs they use. This lets you filter out cheap and nasty colo hosting companies who are infested with spam bots.