Long Thread URLs

We have only been using XenForo for approximately two months so let me apologize if the following question is a basic newbi problem that I should already know the answer too.

Our thread / post URLs are extremely long. When I or a member of the forum links the thread to Facebook, Twitter, etc. the posting looks very messy and unattractive. ( you can see what I am talking about here) Is there a way that XenForo can shorten our thread URLS and make them look nicer when they are linked?

When we link to Twitter, the thread URL takes most of the 140 allowable chatterers that can be used in a Twitter posting.


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One could argue that URL's which don't contain titles can actually be better for SEO. The idea is that instead of just pasting a URL with the tile included, the poster needs to describe the URL in the post, therefore this might actually be better for SEO.

Example with thread title in URL:

This is what I have.

Example without thread title in URL:

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