Long Forum Load Using Chrome


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I hope this topic is posted on correct place.
Since about 1 month ago, when i opened my forum using Chrome (both mobile & non-mobile), sometimes there is random hang, which the chrome status bar shows "Waiting for <MYDOMAIN>..."

I should open chrome://net-internals/#sockets and clear idle sockets, or i must wait around +- 30-120 seconds until the page load is finished.
When i use Right Click > Inspect, i see that my plain domain takes the longest load.
So i think it is not some 3rd party script / images / other HTML objects which are loaded by the HTML.

But the strangest part is, if i use other browser such as Firefox / Opera, there is no issue at all.
Page load is very fast.

And if i use my Chrome to browse other website, even Xenforo.com, there is no issue too.

I have tried to reinstall my Chrome. And this issue is posted by some of my users too.
So it shouldn't happen only on my local computer.

Does anyone have clue what should i check?

Thank you.


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Do any of you have any ad-blocker add-ons enabled in Chrome?
Yes i have, but when i see "Blocked item", i see no element in my forum is blocked.
And actually i have set to adblocker inactive, and the issue still randomly appears.

And my members said they experience it in mobile Chrome.
I think there is no adblocker in mobile chrome?


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Chrome cache cleared? Opened your site in incognito mode? Chrome latest version? Ad-blockers or other similiar add-ons?
I have tried it, latest chrome, plus removing all chrome addons, resetting chrome to factory setting.
And i still have issue in my end.

But now i'm starting to think it is maybe my connection issue which happens / triggers only on Chrome. :eek: