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Logout on Moderation Bar - A noticeable logout option

This add-on adds a niceable and convenient logout option on your moderator bar.

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I made this add-on when enough people kept asking where the logout option was

It seems the default drop down menu was not intuitive and I did not want to add more onto the navigation bar ... It is afterall valuable real estate and the moderation bar had plenty of space to spare. ;)


Import the XML file like you would any other add-on
Done. :)

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Adam Howard

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By default this places the logout option on the right side. If you want it on the left side, simply un-check the box shown below ;)


Works for "normal" users too?
That's my question as well. It would be nifty to have that log out option on the top for regular users also. I suppose I'll give the add-on a test run here and report the results.

EDIT: The answer is yes. Works perfectly for me (Xenforo 1.2.4)
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