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[UW] Smileys Bar - Smileys Bar for text editor allowing faster, easier access to smileys without covering the text area

Smileys Bar completely rearranges the default XF smileys functionality. The main purpose of this add-on is to add to the bottom of the text editor a bar with the most common, most used smileys that are always visible so you have easy and convenient access to them without covering the text area.

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1.- Turns on/off the Smileys Bar - in the admin under Options you can activate this add-on...

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Just log on to your test site. https://ultraweb.co/threads/new-testing-thread.17/ and I really like it :love:

Bug Report

1- Smile On/off button at editor does not work at mobile, at least for IPHONE and IPAD.
2- What is purpose of this arrow ? It also seems to be not working ?


Request : Is it possible to add a user group permission who will be able to use this addon ?

Question-1 : What about our old classic "Smilies" ? Can we be able to access them too ?

Question-2 : For test purpose if I order "1 Month" package ($9.99) and like it, will it be possible to upgrade 1 year package by paying $5 extra more ?

Question-3 : After 1 year, what will be license susbcription price for next year ?
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@mkucuksari in Android it works. I don't use iPhone but will check it out, will make sure it works there too.

I wrote the prices in the faq.
Thanks for your quick response (y) Happy to hear that there will be a solution for IOS. Because for now Smile button is completely useless :(

So I definetely get answers to my Bug Report-1, Question-3 :)

But I am not sure for my Question-2 ? Can you confirm that I don't misunderstand ?

Waiting your answers for my items ?

By the way I have just noticed that there is BRANDING :unsure: As everyone I really don't like showing items at footer :( Could you please share a print screen how your branding is ?
Most used site-wide, or on an individual user basis?
On the left side recently used, on an individual user basis. The same functionality as XF.


Default XF smileys on the right side. But you can add, hide, move, sort or even replace the smileys in the Smileys Bar with your own, custom smileys.
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Hello people.

I'm very interested on buying this addon.

Anyone using it live? How the bugs are?

Thank you very much.
Anyone using it live? How the bugs are?
I am testing this addon starting from first release and very please with its performance. :love:

I have reported two bugs (IOS and 3rd part addon compatibility) @xffutureuser is very interested and returned back as soon as possible (y)

Due to 3rd part compatibility issue, I was not able to install it at my real site. With the last version which is released tofay, I am ready to install and use it at my real site which will happen tonight 😇
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