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Tracy Perry

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Well, my son (who is a gear head - specifically Mustang) is wanting me to work on a forum for him.
He kinda liked the domain mustangbit.com, so I went ahead and registered it and have been working on a logo for him.


Creative suggestions on the design so far would be welcome, as I am very design challenged (even tho' I am learning the technical aspects of Photoshop).


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I would probably definitely beat you in a fight for the title of "Worst design skills ever" :D but have you considered having the domain name down the side of the car, like a graphic?
That's actually a good suggestion.

if you want to start giving the appearance in skewing/angle the text you can either use @Tracy Perry in photoshop and on your text layer do a Type >> Convert to shape then play around giving it perspective with either Edit >> Transform Path >> Distort or Edit >> Transform Path >> Perspective like so (Below)


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Careful with the domain. I remember GM and Ford throwing hissy fits a few years back about car names being used in domain names, and seizing a few.