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Joe Kuhn

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My new site is here

I developed my own Forum icons and am liking the graphics work so much I started looking at logos.

Since my forum theme is the translation of FoxPro programs to C#, I'm thinking of developing a logo that changes from the FoxPro logo to the C# logo one small piece at a time, either in place or side by side.

If they were side by side, the C# logo would not be visible to start with. As a small block of the FoxPro logo would disappear and, a same size block of the C# logo would appear. The pieces could be randomly chosen from each of the two logos, and eventually, the FoxPro logo would be completely gone, the C# logo completely visible. Then it would start over again after a pause.

1583698653235.png 1583698678463.png

If it was one on top of the other, I'd simply replace one piece of the Fox logo with a piece from the C# logo. Small squares come to mind.

Would like to see it both ways.

How would I do this?

Joe Kuhn

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I just had to try an animated gif. You'll have to click on it to see how it looks. Used ezgif.com


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Joe Kuhn

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Too much blank space to the right on the one above (Full). The one above that, the Thin one, looks better to me. The original Text only logo is definitely out.

From my phone, they are both very small and the black lettering cannot be read. I'll have to deal with that as well.


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From my phone, they are both very small and the black lettering cannot be read. I'll have to deal with that as well.
Need one now for mobile, I'd do a truncated one with just the fox head looking at the C# logo.

Alternatively I would pick one and make it smaller, and use it for both desktop and mobile. The whole width banner type logos went bye-bye style wise, somewhere in the last decade.

Code here to do that, get the full-size logo on mobile:

.p-nav-smallLogo {
    display: none !important;
.p-header-logo {
    max-width: none !important;
.has-js .p-header {
    display: block;

Insert in the extra.less file of your style.

Joe Kuhn

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That's advert placement area in xF. Full width banner headers as I said before, are passe. We deal in many browser widths today.
Not planning on any adverts. I hate them on the sites I've visited and will be doing something completely different if I do accept donations. They'll be in my Services Forum only. This is bare bones, on topic, content rich, search for what you need at the moment while you're doing your Fox2CSharp translation work and move on.

Passe? There is no history with regards to this theme, so I would like to try the thin one for now. (may be eating crow on this, but hey).

Tell me more about the many browser widths.