XF 1.4 Logo as Text + FA icon

Hello forum . iam sure this question already been asked , but by searching there is no actual guide or codes how to make logo set as text rather then image .
I possible plz share link to guide or example


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Just open logo_block and replace the <img> there with your desired text + font awesome.

Some styles have the option for the text-as-logo too just a heads up.
Sorry to bump an old thread.

If I replace the <img> with

<font color="white">MY</font><font color="red">NEW</font><font color="black">FORUM</font>

it shows up fine. However, if I wrap that line in <h1></h1> (or h2 or h3) tags, it doesn't change the size. I'm obviously overlooking something, but I don't have enough experience at the moment to figure out what.