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When a guest visits this forum he sees this message below:
"Welcome to XenForo.com!
Please take a look around, and feel free to sign up and join our community."
When the guest clicks the linked text 'sign up and join our community' the Login/Signup drop down window shows up which you can see in the attached photo:

I cant get the same drop down window to show up on my site when I place the link http://www.satisfy.tv/login into the message which I want to place on my site. Instead this link takes you to the actual logon/Signup page you see at http://www.satisfy.tv/login/#.Ud1wnVxwaUk.
So that it works like it does on this website, what link (or anything else) do I need to insert into my message so the Login/Signup window drops down once this link is clicked?

Thank you.


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Brogan Ninja'd me, but your login link does open the slider for me. You just need to add the same controls to the Sign up link (see Paul's response above).