XF 2.2 Login link requires two clicks


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We just updated our beta site to version 2.2.8 and since the update, the login link requires two clicks. the first click appears to call a script
which return a redirect value. (/register/connected-accounts/nawcc_imis/?setup=1")
The second click then uses that redirect value to go to the login page. I tried turning off connected accounts but it still required two clicks, it just returned a different redirect value.

How can we resolve this so the login in link works correctly on the first click?
There were no changes in XF 2.2.8 related to this and upon viewing your testxf2 site it appears to be something to do with changes you have made to the templates.

Notably, you appear to be trying to load the login screen in a menu:


This is not something we do by default nor expect to support so you may need to adjust your approach here if these changes were intentional.

If this isn't something you have changed and rather it is a feature of your style, you should contact them for support in the first instance.
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