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Anyone able to provide a link to this? Removed from his site now. Wish it had been uplaoded directly here so it was at least stored.


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Does anyone know who took over the addons bu @au lait?

His site at https://xenmade.com/xenmade-addons/ has been displaying this notice for a while now:

Hello, dear ones.

there is now a continued existence of add-ons (all). Not under xenMade.

I will hand over the project as such in about a week. If you don't want me to pass on your data/account - please write me. I will then delete the account - which also means the loss of licenses.

I don't know what changes will happen on the bottom line and I have no influence on it.

I am happy that the Add-Ons will be continued.

All licenses are retained and will be continued. Of course not if they have their account deleted.