Login as User (LAU2)

Login as User (LAU2) 1.2.7

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Works perfectly for me, I could go straight in to solve a problem for one of our members.
Thanks for the solution!
I figured that XF had this feature at the core, like such boards as IBS. Imagine my surprise when setting up the board and needing to connect as my test sock puppets--there was no function!

This little plugin is it. Thank you for giving us this great feature.
It is a pretty little tool, very usefully for admins for testing and support. I recommend this addon.
Thanks to @au lait
Brilliant. Incredibly useful for double checking permissions of users when you have complex permission setups. Also very useful if you have multiple admin/house/test accounts that you want to easily switch between them to post content under different pseudonyms.
Really useful plugin. 10.000 times thanks tu Au Lait to share for free this addon. It's really appreciated your contriute to the community. This year I will vote Au Lait. :) ;)
Who does not know, you migrate a forum and must see how, for example, changes to the rights of certain user groups and their users.
No problem with LAU. selected a user of the corresponding group, clicked on his profile on "Login" and already can be tested. No more frustrated users because you forgot something. With LAU, something like that is quickly detected and resolved.
Thank you for this free add-on. It really makes helping members with any issues a breeze; being able to log in and see exactly what they see is a requirement for any community.
It is a pretty little helper for every admin. Testing permissions makes it so easy. I totally recommend this add-on. Thanks to @au lait
This is an absolute must have XenForo add-on. It makes troubleshooting user account issues a breeze and has come in handy more than a few times. How this isn't default XenForo functionality by now is beyond me!
Excellent, free addon and much better then my old paid one. This function is easy to use and the best one to check user permissions.
A free but very useful add-on to know the problems of your members on your forum. The developer is very attentive to your suggestions and he frequently add new options. I recommend the add-on and also the developer !
Works very well; I dearly wanted something like this since I missed an add-on of vBull which allowed one to switch between linked accounts, say an admin account and a normal account.

However, since I allow sock accounts for members --- life is far too short to get excited over trivia, and as well, hunting down internet weasels is not a constructive use of our time --- I would really like an option, either with this or another add-on, for only allowing linked accounts apart from this use of going into any user account.

That way ordinary members could be permitted to link their socks and only switch between them.

Very many thanks for this add-on
Beautiful, free and very useful. Great support from this author and I will definitely be keeping an eye on future addons.
Works like a dream!! Thanks very much for this and make this add-on more powerful than before ... ! Great Developers.
Great add-on. Its solves the problem since XF2 removed the test user permissions feature. It's nice to finally have something like that that works again.