Local installation problem


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I cannot install on server for safe mode issue.

I have try to install in local, but at step2 i have this error:

You cannot proceed unless all XenForo database tables are removed.

I have 119 table created in database


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Have the same problem here on an XP AMP.
Installed fine to a production CentOS box though, no trouble at all.


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Problem already reported and Mike is looking into it. For anyone using WAMP, hold off till we get an answer as it just ain't working for some reason.


After downloading a new version just now, the tables are created ok in step 1 and step 1b.. but when it switches to step 2.. the browser (FF) says: connection reset while loading the page. and then only, when trying again I get the above error.
(just wrote this, so I would get notified if anything new comes up in this thread)
PS: Wamp has always been working nicely. (I deleted all logs and looked at the apache and php and mysql logs. => NO ERROR at all in the logs

Eric J.

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So nothing on this yet? I got a crap host so unfortunately I have to wait for this to play with XenForo. :/


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Any updates? I was gonna test this using xamp too.. but if people are having problems.. I will have to hold off for a bit.