Fixed  Loading bug with Lightbox


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Let's take this thread for example:

Click that 1 image in the thread.
It will enlarge in the lightbox.

Now, click the image.
What will happen? An infinitive loading sign :(

Also, why are there "Next" and "Previous" signs when there's only one image? ^^

EDIT: It seems to be that it's just searching for a next image, but it isn't there :(

Using Chrome 8


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cant reproduce it, firefox 4.0b9

chrome is a mess ;)
Firefox is way to slow for me. I used it a lot, but now I stepped over to Google Chrome because it's fast as hell :D
And Mike, please give Lu Kas the "discourages user" checkbox for a few minutes ;)


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Confirmed on the following two browsers (on Windows 7 64-bit).

  • Chromium 10.0.645.0 (Developer Build 72022) [sc]
  • Safari 5.0.3 (7533.19.4) [sc]
I have attached two short screen captures of the 'bug' in Chromium and Safari for those who can't seem to reproduce it, click on the hyperlinks above to download/view the screen captures (in [sc]). I'm sorry that the screen capture software sucks, I'm using my Windows machine; not my Mac.


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I've seen the same thing in Chrome, but I'm unable to produce it in any other browsers, including other Webkit-based systems.