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These are questions and answers I feel should probably get out of the way before they come up. This post will be updated if the need arises.

I installed the blog, but I can't see it, or there are features missing that are supposed to be there.
Double check your user group permissions as they are likely to be the reason why.

Is this available in other languages?
Yes, some users have already translated the blog. If you have a translated version of the blog and wish to share it, reply to this thread with the file attached. You can find the translated files below.
LANGUAGE FILE AUTHORS–Any time you make a new version (either for fixes or when a new blog version comes out and needs translation), upload the new file to the post linked above and indicate what blog version the language file has been updated to.

Do you have a live demo?
No, however here is a list of a few sites that have the blog installed:
If you'd like your site listed here, please link to it in a reply to this thread. The only requirement is that entries are viewable by the public (comments do not have to be).

Something broke!
Please take a screenshot and copy/paste any errors that might've come out of it. If you can't do that, at least provide the steps you took to lead you to that point. Be descriptive!

I have a suggestion.
Okay but first, double check that no one has come up with it yet. I know it's a little difficult the larger a thread gets, but if it seems common chances are it's already come up. Otherwise, feel free to post it.

Be clear in your suggestion and even pictures with arrows if you have to. The clearer I understand the suggestion, the better I'm able to consider it.

Is this long-term?
Definitely! I am learning my way around XenForo (and already I've learned a lot and love it). There's a few features I want for my site and this happens to be one of them. I decided to also release it to other XenForo customers to use if they wish to do so so we can all benefit from it. Users post feature suggestions and general feedback, I get better acquainted with XenForo, and in the end we all get a better add-on for our sites.

Okay, anything else I should know?
If you have the XenPorta add-on and want a Recent Entries block to appear on it, you can download the files needed to do so right here.

An updated version has been provided by another user for the most recent version of XenPorta. You can get it here.


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These are notable changes from the latest releases, newest first.

New Changed Fixed
Changes since Beta 2
Released April 9
  • Entries now add to a user's Message Count but comments do not, following XenForo's behavior on how it treats profile comments and statuses.
    • Existing entries will be added to their message count during upgrade.
  • Soft-deleting of blog entries and comments is now possible.
  • Inline moderation for blog entries and comments is also now possible.
  • "About the Author" block has been added below the blog entry, editable by the user. It will not display if the user hasn't entered anything, and if the author of the blog entry views the blog entry, it will encourage them to write something.
  • Share This Page block added to blog entries and blog index.
  • You can now upload attachments to blog entries.
  • Blog comments and entries can be managed through the Moderation Queue.
  • Blog entry titles can now be edited, either by the user or moderator.
  • A number of templates have been cleaned up / changed for consistency purposes / modified to add the new features. There may be one more round of changes/cleanups, but no more than that is expected. Reverting your blog templates is required if you've customized them.
  • Avatar that displayed beside the blog entry has been removed in favor of "About the Author" block, allowing more space for the blog entry itself.
  • Avatar that appeared in the "More From" block has also been removed as it proved to be redundant. Entry titles now have more room to display text before they are cut off (showing ellipsis).
  • Updated member card integration point to use the new template hook.
  • Blog comment reports now link to the specified comment correctly.
  • Blog entries now have the appropriate style property for text color (wasn't there previously).
  • Comment form and avatar should no longer get squished on smaller styles/browser widths.
  • "My Blog" link no longer appears to guests.
  • Permissions checks have been properly implemented to alerts, news feeds, search results, and a few other areas.
  • Blog entries are properly indexed for search results now; they weren't before. Rebuild your search index from the Admin Control Panel after upgrading. Rebuilding the search index isn't necessary if it is a new installation. Indexing will be handled automatically afterwords.
In addition to the above I've also reworked a lot of the back-end code so you should notice an increase in general performance.

Changes since Beta 1
Released March 2
  • Likes have been integrated into blog entries and comments.
  • Recent Activity/News Feed now lists new blog entries, blog comments, entry likes, and comment likes.
  • A report link has been added to blog entries and comments. This in turn gets sent turn gets sent to XenForo's report center so staff can deal with it internally.
  • You can now edit comments.
    • In addition to this, inline editing has been implemented to entries and comments.
  • You can delete blog entries and comments, however there is only hard delete at the time being. Beta 3 will likely have soft delete as well.
  • You can now pick what you want to appear outside of the blog area (sidebar, member card, profile tab).
    • That said, member cards now show entry count and profiles have a Blog Entries tab showing their most recent entries.
  • Users now get alerts when someone likes their blog entry or comment, or when someone posts a comment on their blog entry.
  • When viewing a blog entries, the "More From" block doesn't list the current entry you're viewing.
  • Sidebar blocks now have their own classes so they can be styled individually.
  • Timestamps on blog entry comments are now linked so you can share a link to them directly, regardless of page.
  • Fixed a bug where viewing the /entries/ URL without a selected blog entries resulted in an error. Similar fix applied to /blog/.
  • Fixed permission viewing for the Recent Entries block where you could still see blog entries regardless if you can view the blog or not.


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Ho. Lee. Crap.

This is awesome, Onimua! Here's my suggestions, which I'm sure you are already planning.

  1. Import from old blog. In my case they are in threads imported from vB 4.
  2. Make the people who create the blog automatically the moderator. Looking at the screen prints, it's set by user group, not the ones who created the thread.


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Ho. Lee. Crap.

This is awesome, Onimua! Here's my suggestions, which I'm sure you are already planning.

  1. Import from old blog. In my case they are in threads imported from vB 4.
  2. Make the people who create the blog automatically the moderator. Looking at the screen prints, it's set by user group, not the ones who created the thread.
The first one is something I've thought about but am not thinking about until the code is stable. As to the second... I'll see what I can do. I believe it's fairly trivial to add. Not sure if I'd make it a user group permission so admins can still control who can moderate their own blogs though...


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Nice work, I 'd like to see profile integration, I think blogs should be part of the profiles and also have a main page. And you said it yourself: it might need more of the Blog look & feel :)
It would've had RC2 had them. I only upgraded to RC3 and made sure nothing current broke. RC3 has a bit more in the hooks department, so it's more than likely the next release will take advantage of them. Even if it didn't, I would've provided instructions on how to get them into your site with ease.


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Im getting this when trying to add it... (RC3 install of Xf) The error pops up right after clicking install addon


Please enter a valid callback method.


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Great :p Portal completes need of CMS & now blog add-on is here....will give it try later today hopefully everything worksout fine.


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Looks nice! Haven't installed yet (and may wait per your suggestion for Beta2), but I did donate. I believe it is important to support developers when they create something that has a lot of potential.

Can't wait to see how this develops.
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