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More in-depth Livestream customizations.

The mod Livestreams created by -Ice- is a good mod but I think it's safe to say the development on it has halted.

I need a professional, available, programmer to come in and make modifications to the layout, display, settings, and functionality of this mod to turn it from good to excellent.

Some of the features that I need are:
- The ability to add it the Chat Room functionality.
- A reorganization and layout of the streams and how they display.
- Adding in a "Featured" stream as well as a "Random" stream.
- Automatic refreshing to check for new live streams.

All of this:
Any reason the usernames do not link to the user on the forum?

I've been trying to change the layout a bit on the livestream page and had a few feature requests?

I've changed the page to show a "featured" channel at the top and then the regular stream scroll under it. I need it to work similar to there is a featured channel and under the featured channel you have a bunch of others which upon being selected replace the featured channel.

-Would there be any possibility to specify on the admin side a default "featured" stream. Similar to xenforo skin selection in that the selected radio option is the featured one on first load.
---Would it be possible to replace the default featured stream if a user selects a different stream from the stream-view below the featured one. Such as selecting the "watch" button I created. Obviously the current featured stream would not be displayed in the scrolling stream view with the rest.
-Lastly, any possibility of also including the chat stream alongside the featured stream?

I feel these features would really improve the stream landing page into a true livestream hub instead of a simple list of streams... Also, I'm willing to pay for the custom job as I really need these features.

Also any chance in the future this might advance to allow frontend users to add their streams based on user permissions? It would pull the current username and then simply ask for the username of the stream source.
Of course I will pay for this development.
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Ice is an admin on the forum I run. I know he is in school right now so he has become busy. I will let him know what is being requested here.