XF 2.2 List with forms


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I have a list like this:

<xf:datalist data-xf-init="responsive-data-list">

<xf:foreach loop="$items" value="$item">
<xf:datarow rowclass="dataList-row--noHover">

Now I need a form around every datarow; i tried different ways watching other forms, but when I watch the source-code my form is alway opened and closed before the datarow.

What is the right way to have a form inside this construct of datalist/datarow, please?

The idea is to have two fields in every row, edit and save them fast directly from this list.
The <form cant be set around xf-stuff;
i have set it to one cell, now this works for me.

But: How can I make an ajax-call (ajax="true") and just replay nothing?
I dont want to have an redirect, and I dont know how to replace existing code on the page with changed data.
Someone told me this needs custom js; anyway. I just dont need it.

I have a list, i edit two form fields, press send, then i should be finished.
I go on with the next row and form fields.

How can i do just nothing, please?
No redirect, no replay, no nothing!
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