List of upcoming features?


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Has anyone compiled a list of features/suggestions that are earmarked for future versions of XenForo?
I understand that the core product needs to be focused on first, and I understand that new features aren't important for now.

What I mean is, for example where Kier or Mike have said that x feature will be implemented in future versions.
We would love to switch to XF ASAP, but are restricted from doing so by certain features missing from the core product. I understand some of them may be available via plugins, but I'd rather get as many as possible from a stabilised core product instead of relying too much on plugins.
It would be nice to know if some of those features are earmarked for future versions so we can gauge some sort of idea of what's coming.

Sorry about the (probable) wrong forum....I wasn't sure where to put this.

Cheers :)