List of features

Is there a list of all of the features? I cannot seem to find a page that shows everything that is included... for example is facebook account integration included ? etc.

Thank you!
Thanks, I also found some features on the FAQ as well, just not a simple sales 1 pager with a list of all of the features... either way, it seems very feature packed
I think it would have helped to see a list of features, or what would be really nice, which would have sped up reading etc is to have a comparison grid like you see with a lot of applications ... for example the top would like you, vbull, phpbb, whatever, then down the left would be features like Responsive Theme, Facebook Login Integration, Blah Blah BLah with nice check marks and x's... seems cheezy but I am sure it would be effective.

Either way, we signed up, and are loving the software.