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XF 1.3 Links to outside websites

When creating a node - there is a option for a "Link Forum"

when I create one of these - the link brings me to the outside website (which I guess is the intended purpose)
but- It doesn't open a separate page- it just goes directly to the outside page.

how do you:
1- Link a outside webpage so it opens within your forum(best)
2-Link a outside page so it opens another window instead of just going to outside page (good)

thanks Brogan

1- Are the Iframe where the ads usually go? This might work for some of the RSS feeds I have/will have. Do you think I can put a RSS feed into a Iframe back within a certain page or forum?

2- you are the man. I think I just did my first bunch of successful css editing :)
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I have a combined feed rss Box feed with about 10 feeds wrapped into one rssbox.

when I open this particular forum/thread - I would like there to be a sidebar on the right with this rssbox . Is this possible and how would I do it?



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You would need to edit the template(s) and use a conditional statement to only show the content in the node(s) and thread(s) as required.
thanks Brogan.
Ok I browsed through a lot of the resources. Starting to make a little sense.
Based on what I see, I would like to add a rss feed to a - sidebar on - a specific exact forum page.
Can you let me know where to start. I have the rss feed. thanks
Hi Brogan
when on that thread it reads:
Create the templates
1-Create the css template: cta_rss_feed.css
2-Create the master feed template: cta_rss_feed
3-Create the sidebar feed template: cta_rss_feed_sidebar

I am going to be putting a FB rss box from rssinclude , on a few of my individual forums.
1- will I need to make all three templates above?
2- rssinclude gives me options for code for the feed . would I use javascrpit,php,iframe etc?
3-where do I find the template for that individual forum under"templates"

thanks for sticking with me. After I get it going once I will be good .

Ok , I don't know how to create my own template and code-yet.

This is why I need to see it first. I need to see specific examples of how to do it and where to put it.

Just trying to learn how to do this without having to pay someone to do it for me. thanks