XF 1.5 Links show apache error message


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Apparently, I upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS thinking it would be a stable release, but to I digress. When you click on a tab or a link, Apache throws a fit and says it is not found. I have all permissions right and I cannot seem to get this version of apache to work and I have mod_rewrite enabled. Any help would be great. I am alos using PHP 7.0 as well.
Tried everything, but this Apache will not cooperate. I keep changing the config files to what is recommended and it just gives me an error message when you have to reload apache.
All I can think of is the new setup is either missing .htaccess, or configured not to allow them (AllowAccess None).

How do I change allow access, as this version of apache is very picky with configuration files. It will throw an error message if you change it. Where would I change allow access?
The directive is AllowOverride. It would need to be changed in your httpd.conf. You can likely find some references for "None" that can be changed to "All".
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