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XF 1.5 Link thread?


Active member
Much like the link forum, is it possible to have a link thread? I just want a title and a redirect, but it's not to another thread, it's to a page, and then if I could sticky it that would be perfect. Is possible?


Well-known member
There aren't link threads that function in that way in the core. As an alternative you could display a notice in the required forum and put the link to the page in the notice.

I suppose you could also create a link forum and make it a subforum of the one that you wanted the sticky to be in.


Active member
Thanks for input. The issue is that I am using better blogs crappy blog. And I have a blog that isn't getting as much attention as I want. So I was hoping to sticky it to the top of a forum. I don't want to use a notice for reasons I won't go into. I guess I could just copy the blog into a new thread and sticky it. But then I have the issue of comments on the blog and replies in the thread. Such a dilemma for a Saturday!


Active member
I was thinking about that. I have to see what it looks like. I don't want to kick the forum_view thread list to far down on the page.


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I'd like an addon that lets us post links instead of threads and have it maybe show links as threads with a thumbnail being the image from the page.