XF 2.2 Link in main menu bar to non XenForo page


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Hello, forgive me if this is in the wrong area. I recently bought the software and paid someone to set it up and am very happy with it. I might actually be buying it again soon for a different domain. My question is, when they set up the main menu bar, can there be a link added to say "Blog" that would go to a Wordpress blog I'd make that is made to match the site? I'm not clear about the XenForo blogging possibilities within the software, and I'm very familiar with Wordpress blogs and how the menus are there, I use them all the time. I didn't want to bother the man that set up the site for me with such a question and thought someone here would know. The site of mine he just did has no blog and no need for one, but the next site I'm working on I'd like it to have a blog. I assume the answer is yes, a custom url could be in the header like it is in Wordpress menu, but wanted confirmation of that. Thank you.

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