XF 2.1 How to make anchor link work in menu


Hello, I would like to have an anchor text link work in the built in XenForo menu. I can anchor text just fine within one page node, but I want this anchor text to be in the top menu and when you click on it no matter what page you are on it goes to the anchor on the home page.

I have the link for the top menu set as "Basic" and the link is: http://mysite.com/#myanchor

The #myanchor should link back to an anchor on the home page which I have placed in a widget on that page:

<a id="myanchor"></a>

When I'm on the home page it works just fine, but if I go to any other page I click the link in the top menu and nothing happens. Is there a way to make it work across the site or did I add something incorrectly?