Linebreaks with Custom Fields?


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I've got a custom field that is a multi-line textbox, but when I try and use this information in a template by calling {$user.customFields.fieldname} it shows without the linebreaks.

Is there a way to include the linebreaks? The template for the info tab on the profile page seems to include some sort of HTML version of the customfields - but I can't figure out how to do this.


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Unfortunately not - although I did have partial success by wrapping the field contents in a [pre] tag :)


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{xen:raw $user.customFields.fieldname}
nope, that doesn't work for multi-lines. It shows the fieldcontent ofc but it strips linebreaks aso so it's not really usable.

.fieldValueHtml might help (template: custom_field_view )but I wasn't able to get it working yet...