XF 1.5 Limiting Total Posts per User?

Has anyone implemented a limit to the total number of posts a user can make per session, per day, etc?

I ask because of two things - on group I'm on, not run on XF, allows only once post every 5 minutes - if you post something then attempt to post again, it gives you an error message and you have to wait. It doesn't seem to treat this as a cause for disciplinary action, rather just a hard limit.

I also ask because I notice one of our users posting quite a bit - 26 posts so far today, where it is dinner time now in this user's time zone.

Thanks in advance for your replies and, of course, mentions of ways one might implement this in XF if it's already available (or requires an add-on, etc.)



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The 5 minute is likely the flood timer, which is an option setting.

There is nothing built in which will limit the number of posts which can be made per day - a third party add-on would be required.
Thank you, @Brogan.

What I am trying next:

I use the Promoted Member user promotion recommended here, and I noticed that for my group, Verified, Bypass Flood Check was set to Allowed - I have changed it (Not Set) No, and am leaving the default value of 60 seconds in Minimum Time Between Messages (found in ACP -> Options -> Performance).

We'll see what, if any, effect this has on my more verbose members. Anyone's comment on the efficacy of this approach is welcomed.

I just took a look at my one, very busy user - he doesn't post more than once every 5 minutes very often, just consistently at 10-30 minute intervals throughout the day.

If anyone has a link to an add-on that they're using and like for this, please let me know. I think I would like to try something like a 20 posts per day per person limit.