XF 2.2 Limit notice appearance

El Porcharo

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I've set a floating notice to encourage those users which request to become a member but then never participate to topics (they don't either leave likes to other participating members).

The notice is set to appear to those users which are members since at least 15 days and have posted less than 10 messages.

Lately I'm seeing that some of them start posting at a certain point, but they already meet the notice criteria when this happens. This means that they would get annoyed by this notice on every page load, until they don't reach the minimum number of messages

So now I'm afraid this is going to even discourage those ones that was thinking about starting participating by never come back again...

I wanted to limit the number of times this floating notice appear, but I see there is nothing like this in the notice criteria.

So is there any workaround that would allow me to set something like "don't load notice for more than X time for each user session"? This could be set to 3 (for example) and the usesr would just get annoyed for 3 times, until they goes offline and comes back aga..


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A couple things. You could make the notice dismissable. You could lower the threshold of the notice as well as/or use trophies to award them for posts and reactions at the lower end of the spectrum successively. "Congrats on your third post, keep it going!" Etc.

El Porcharo

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You could make the notice dismissable
Yep, I know, but I'm afraid this is going to be a one-time-view and the got dismissed. So it will not do its job.. Unless I keep resetting the notice every day, but this is quite unthinkable 😅

A sort of "notice auto reset" would be the thing 😁