XF 2.2 Display a notice until user hasn't posted to a specific node

El Porcharo

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I've set a specific node where users can introduce themselves, and I will ask new members to start by posting on that particular node, as (possibly) their first post.

I'm going to also mention this on the welcome message (upon registration) but we know that PM are dropped and forgotten once read.

So I would like to setup a notice that will stay visible until new users won't open a new thread to this "introduce yourself" node, but I don't see anything that would allow this within notice criteria. It should stay there even if they've already posted more than once but not in that node.

Any chance to set this up? I didn't find anything on XF docs, neither among add-ons... 🤔

Thank you in advance!
Thanks Andy,
I did see that one already (you've actually got some very interesting add-ons that I'm going to get later on :) ) but I don't really want to force users to start posting in the specified node, I just want to bother them for a while 😅
Not everyone is comfortable enough to publicly write about themselves, 😇 my goal is just to stress them for a couple of weeks, after which if they're not willing to introduce themselves, they are not obliged to.

I personally am one of those 😁 but it's always nice to know more about people you virtually go round with! That's why.
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