Design issue "Likes You've Received" -> i s not correct!

au lait

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A user has stopped as MOD!
Now there is a problem in the display of Likes. relates to the Nodes, on which he has now no longer access.

a) the number of pages does not match with what is displayed. (see screenshots)
This occurs probably only if in the forums-permission selected "revoke".

In the following example, a normal user has been created, the access received in a forum.
I have created 20 threads

with this test user and have with a 2nd user all Threads liked from the TestUser.
Then i go to the page "/account/likes" with the TestUser and - all OK!

Well I go into the node permissions and removed the rights. go again to the "/account/likes" and it comes to the Problem

No add-ons Installed; all the content_type is "post"

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Screen_30032016134712.webp Screen_30032016134739.webp Screen_30032016134749.webp Screen_30032016134829.webp
This is essentially a design issue. They have the likes and they still count, regardless of whether they're shown there. The only other option would be to display a placeholder to indicate that you can't view the content. (Similar issues can appear on other pages that have very varied permissions and a potentially large amount of data to consider.)

However, generally, this has been accepted as it's a very rare thing. Not only is it an uncommonly viewed page, it requires sweeping permission changes to create a noticeable situation. This would have existed since day 1 if it's been mentioned before, it's only been once or twice.
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