XF 1.5 Likes deactivation for selected users


Is there any option to deactivate completely the likes and everything that has to do with likes, not for everyone but for selected users? For example, i don't want to accept likes from members and i don't want to appears the like button in my posts. Is this possible?
Remove the 'Like posts' permission for the members in question by setting it to Never.
You mean to do a custom user permission for "Like posts"?
If yes, i am afraid i was not clear enough to my question. Sorry for that, i will try once more.
I don't want to disable the "like" choice from the posts of other members. I want to have the option to push like if i like something. I want all the others to do not have the option for my posts to be likable.
For example i want to can push "like" for your upper answer but also i want you to don't have view to push like at my answer. Is that possible?
I suggest you to make this flexible choice because from the time that there is only "like" and not also a "dislike" option, some members could have the choice to not be likable, if they want it so but still have the choice to like others posts.
The permission related to liking content applies to the individual performing the action, not the target.

It would require custom development to prevent the content of specific members being liked.
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