Implemented Lightbox image handling

Ryan Kent

Well-known member
When you click on an image, lightbox opens and presents the image. When you want to view the next image, you click on the arrow on the left or right side of the screen.

Normal viewing behavior would be to leave your mouse cursor where the arrow is so you can then move on to the following image. The problem is, the arrow moves every time you change the image based on the size of the new image.

I would like to see the arrow stay in the same spot regardless of the next image's size so you can easily click through a group of images.

Jose Amaral Mota

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Then you are asking to have the image view set to certain height. I found that a bit odd, as I have to find that arrow when the image is to small.

Ryan Kent

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Not at all. I am asking for the arrow to be placed and maintained in the same position regardless of the image size.

Presently the arrow moves every time you change images assuming the pictures are not all identical size.

Lone Wolf

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It's a good suggestion. I think we all hate it when we have to play hide and seek with the next/previous arrows in galleries.

You can also click the image to load the next one.
That's good but what if you land in the middle of an album/gallery and want to scroll backwards?