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This is probably not simple.

You know how apps and some websites offer an overlay to their page with arrows and tips on how to use the site or app? I want that for my site. FTUE = first time user experience.

I'd want it to be customizable so I could highlight the areas I want to educate on, and customize the associated text. It could be refreshed for all user groups when a major upgrade occurs.

It could present tips one at a time (Google does this) with next/skip options or it could simply be one giant overlay with an "ok, got it!" prompt to close out.

Would you use this?


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That's easy.
Just search for "Bootstrap Tour" or so. They are site tour (guide). You can find lots of different kind of it.
I upload some (4 different) examples that I used in my main site (they also have demo inside), but you can search to find what you like.



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Unforunately I can't make it as an add-on. I make it manually always. (although there is a tour creator add-on for wordpress)
Hope one day we see a tour add-on for XF.


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ok, will check it out, maybe i can work it in myself (although it probably won't align with usergroups). Will explore. Thanks!


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If you are interested for custom work, lets start chat with us. We can develop add-on that will perform similar actions for you.