Lightbox customisation. Additional div / sidebar

Chris D

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Straight to the point: Here's a mock up of what I'm hoping to achieve:

I want to display some additional content next to the image container. I'm thinking the image container should be shrunk to width: 75% and the remainder used for the additional div.

I've had a fiddle with it and I just can't get it right.

Thanks guys!

Steve F

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I messed around with it a little. Its going to be difficult to adjust things for smaller resolutions and window resizing.

Seems working with max-width and min-width will be the best bet. Using a % on your content area will resize it to 25% of the parent container, so shrinking the window shrinks the content. May need to set it to something like 300px static. Same with the .lightBox LbImg set it to a max-width and it seemed 50% was working well for that as it resized the image when the window size decreased.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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Thanks, if this can be done (happy with the fixed width advice for the second div) then I'm going to need some specific code that will work because whatever I try just screws everything up unfortunately.