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So its perpetual, but scope is limited.... than no, thank you very much but will not buy XF.
Literally no other forum software worth your time offers you a perpetual, unlimited license. vBulletin does, but there is no comparison between vBulletin and XenForo, XF2 is in a whole other league.

If this is the only thing stopping you from buying XF and you instead buy vBulletin, you'd be making a huge mistake in my honest opinion.


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You do not lose access to download what you could of downloaded (when your licence was active) when it expires. Some other places remove complete download access once you run out / do not renew. You just do not get anything 'newer' than when your licence expired.

If you want a practical example of this: Mine is currently expired but I can still download up to 2.0.9 which was the point it "expired" at. Once I renew I will regain full access to the newer versions.

It should be noted here the renew costs are much much less than a fresh, new purchase. It is not like you have to buy it again. :)


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You have "developer" in your username, but seem to think perpetual software licensing, updates and support is financially feasible? What?

Even the good apps on the app store don't do this. Apps like Alfred make you repurchase every major version. Other apps (like Day One) use milking subscription models. And these are aimed at consumer. XenForo is software aimed at forum owners, most of which are probably deriving some sort of commercial benefit from it. A $40 renewal fee (or whatever it is now) is barely asking for much. And you don't even need to pay it - security updates are provided for free even if your license isn't up to date (iirc) - you only have to pay if you want new features or bug fixes.

People still want the world and then some for ~$140 apparently.


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A perpetual license with a maintenance payment is an age-old way of licensing software in the corporate world. You can use the software to your heart's content, but paying gets up support and upgrades. And is preferable to the modern SaaS model where you never ever really "own" the license, just rent it. Perpetual licenses that include all updates and support are pretty rare in my experience.