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license transfer question

Hello Community,

just have some questions about my (now) non active license.

1. My Forum License and 2 (XF) App Licenses are not active
2. I like to transfer this licenses to a friend, he will continue my previous work

How should i continue to get this things done?
How I can activate and purchase to get updates and support, there is nothing in the Customer Interface, or might be I do not realize it!? (I believe this is the first necessary step to get it started)

Please point me into the right direction,

Thanks, Markus


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Licenses are eligible to be transferred 120 days after purchase, must be active and not have been transferred previously.

You need to renew active support in order to be able to transfer them.
Click on the 'Purchase extras/extensions' link below each license.