License Transfer Question


I don't know if this question belongs in this forum, if not, then please move it to the correct one.

Someone is selling their xF license and I'm interested in buying it. I was shown a screenshot of the customer area, but I don't know if that's enough proof.

Could this person ask xenForo support to start the transfer process so I'd notified via email that the license is legit and it's safe for me to pay for it? Of course this person won't make the transfer without me paying first, but can the process start without making the actual transfer and could I be notified about it?

I hope I'm being clear. If that's not possible, what's the safest way to process a license tranfer?


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If he provides you with his name, email, and license number, then you can contact us with that information to verify the license is valid and eligible for transfer:

There is still the risk that he won't deliver after you pay him, but at least you can verify the license is valid.
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