License start when first downloaded


Hi XF team,

At this moment XenForo doesn't fit my needs for my big board (currently running vBulletin 4 with a lot of addons). Sooner or later I'll move to XenForo but the software at the moment doesn't have the features I need however I'll be more than happy to buy the license right now as a way to collaborate with the developers but will not download the software nor use it until a version with the features I need is released (which I expect is going to happen sometime next year). I think that there are many people in the same scenario so do you think that it's going to be possible to make the license period (one year) to start running only after the software is downloaded for the first time? I think that if you do this many people will buy more licenses to collaborate with you :)

Think about it!


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The license starts at the purchase date, buying the license allows more than just downloading and those start immediately.


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To me that would be a given.

What more does a license allow? I'm assuming it would more access to the resources plus (paid) members folders, is there anything else?
Support tickets and access to the customer forums on here as well as the resource manager.