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Left join ON multiple columns?

Discussion in 'General PHP and MySQL Discussions' started by Jaxel, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. Jaxel

    Jaxel Well-Known Member

    Is something like this possible?
    SELECT EWRrio_streams.*,
        FROM EWRrio_streams
        LEFT JOIN EWRcanal_channels ON (
            EWRcanal_channels.service_id = EWRrio_streams.service_id AND
            EWRcanal_channels.channel_value1 = EWRrio_streams.channel_value1 AND
            EWRcanal_channels.channel_value2 = EWRrio_streams.channel_value2
    ORDER BY EWRrio_streams.stream_viewers DESC
  2. kingofseo

    kingofseo New Member

    SELECT * FROM table1
    INNER JOIN table2 ON table2.id = table1.id
    LEFT JOIN table3 ON table3.id = table2.id

    i've written an example for you.
  3. digitalpoint

    digitalpoint Well-Known Member

    Yep, you can (just like that).
  4. rainmotorsports

    rainmotorsports Well-Known Member

    LOL This thread was from February.
    kingofseo likes this.

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