Left and Right Side Bars ?


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I did a search and have found nothing other then moving right to left.
Was wondering if there is away, tow have both a Left and Right Side Bars ?

I am not a designer, or developer. In my head seems like it would be an easy add on .
But again thats my perspective. I was wondering if people do this? to have the same abilities right and left.

Or if someone knows where a recent topic is? I couldnt find one on it.



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Is there future plans to add these into the software? I guess the portal look seems productive to me as computer
screens are often over 22" wide non days seems a side left and right would be kinda cool.


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Personally, having a page that wide makes no sense to me.
Having to physically move my head and neck to read a website is tiring.

I much prefer fixed widths of around 1000px and then I have two browser screens side by side on my 24"/27" monitors.


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I think i'd go into sensory overload if i was distracted by a plethora of widgets on the right and left side.

I also keep my forums fixed for exactly the reason listed above.. adding another sidebar to any fixed width forums would be a disaster. I'm ok with right and left sidebars on CMS/Portal pages in software like Joomla or Wordpress where there are multiple content types however on a simple forum only i just couldn't imagine the need for so many widgets..


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Your right XF is not a thin format to begin with and that would make it not practical.
Thanks for the insight.