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XF 1.5 image next to navigation (left) and (right)


Formerly RamzanHD
Hey xenforo members , i would like to add an image next to navigation left and right like this

i researched and got this code but when i put it in templets : navigation.css nothing really happens or im not exacly sure if im suppose to add it in navigitaion

.navL {
    float: left;
    width: 115px;
    height: 90px;
    background-image: url(http://actiongamerz.com/boards/styles/images/navL.png);
    background-repeat: no-repeat;


Formerly RamzanHD
Something like

background: url("/styles/your style/nav_left.gif") 0 0 no-repeat, url("/styles/your style/nav_right.gif") 100% no-repeat, url("/styles/your style/tile_nav.gif") 0 0 repeat-x;