Lazy Days

Do I take today off?

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I've been pondering on whether to have a lazy day and take the day off from the constant 16-18 hour days I've been working. Should I take the day off? I know, a pointless point on something I could decide myself but taking into account I'm english.


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Do it!

Otherwise you risk burn out, believe me I know, I have been there.
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Don't burn yourself out and find yourself in the position I am right now - my doctor has told me I have to rest and take time off because I've made myself really ill after more than a decade of pushing myself way, way, way too hard (studying, being a full time carer, running an internet support group, working etc. all at the same time) and not getting enough sleep or down time. I'm supposed to be working on my PhD but I've had to take a few months off by force of the doctor. I'm itching to get back and work work work, but I'm too ill to do much of anything right now. Please don't do that to yourself too!