laws on sending an email blast from the forum?


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I am planning on sending out a mass email to the forum members.

It will be about a forum branded product.

What are the laws on this and what do I need to do to be legal?

I am in the USA.
As long as you use the option for sending to members who choose to receive e-mail from administrators, I can't see there being anything you need to worry about.

I just hope that once the lawsuit is over, XF will have the ability to define how many emails to send per second and have a better user search criteria.
I really need to look but how slowly can I have a mass emailing go out to 30k members....does that help make it not look at bad?
I think you shouldn't worry too much about this stuff.

I think these laws and rules are for those crazy 24/7 spamming sites. Google bans them for a reason.
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