XF 1.5 Pageviews not being counted after an email blast


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Hi folks,

I just sent out an email blast to 10,000 people, directing them to a specific thread. However, despite massive traffic, the "Views" counter for the thread has stopped increasing. Presumably this is a DOS protection thing.

Is there any way to "get those pageviews back?" I want people to see how popular that thread is. I'd even be happy to do a sql edit to a table.


Chris D

XenForo developer
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The page views are only logged and then updated periodically.

It can take up to an hour until the view counts actually update.


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Oh, awesome. Thanks.

I did Tools|Rebuild Caches|Rebuild Thread Information but it didn't help.

Does this mean I just have to wait?

As long as the view count data is captured, I'm happy.