XF 1.5 Latest member name not showing in main page


XenForo developer
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Looking at your forum, I don't see any newer members. A member won't appear there until they're "valid". It won't display a user that hasn't confirmed their email address, for example.

Umar Asari

Active member
I know that. And I am sure about it.
Look at this screenshot :

A new user who was awaiting email confirmation has been registered as a valid user. Thats why the number of members are showing 82. But in latest number his name is not showing.


XenForo developer
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The latest member is the one with the newest registration date that is "valid". For example, if I register and immediately confirm my account, I become the latest member. Meanwhile, a user registered before me but has yet to confirm their account. Once they confirm their account, they'll be counted for the total members count, but I still registered after them so I'm the latest member.