last visited timestamp

I am attempting to create a cron job that will identify user inactivity and email me a list of inactive users. It's all functional other than i'm not sure what in the database I need to read for checking the last time a logged in user viewed the website. I have identified a couple things i may be able to use:

last_activity and lastactivity

What purpose do each of these serve?

What I am looking for is basically the "last visited timestamp" to tell me the last time that user viewed the website.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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lastactivity doesn't look like a XenForo field. The naming convention of columns in XF would usually make it last_activity

What table was lastactivity in?

Mr. Goodie2Shoes

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I couldn't find any column named 'lastactivity' may be this column is related to an add-on?
Btw, the field you are looking for is 'last_activity' in the 'xf_user' table. :)