Large files on server


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Can anyone tells what this is in this folder - it's a huge amount of files that are eating up space on my server.

root@phx10 [/home4/admin/.cagefs]# du -h --max-depth=1 | grep G
5.9G ./tmp
5.9G .
root@phx10 [/home4/admin/.cagefs]#


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Have a look in the folder itself. Could be anything with it being a tmp directory.


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I'm guessing this is on shared hosting somewhere? CageFS is a virtualized file system, when the host has CloudLinux installed. It's kinda like a VPS, as far as isolation is concerned, in that all your stuff (processes, configuration files, CRON jobs, etc) is isolated from other users. That /tmp directory is the directory involved with that. Every user gets their own /tmp instead of using the main system's /tmp.