XF 1.3 Large database


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Sort the tables in phpMyAdmin by size.

I suspect the post table, search index, liked content, templates and IP tables will be some of the largest.


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In addition to what Brogan said, I suggest you get the Enhanced Search which costs $50.00 dollars. This will allow you to empty the xf_search_index as it will no longer be needed.
plugin Elasticsearch
does not work
There is entered un server Is that right?
Please tell me how to find out the correct ip?
I entered the ip address of the server but nothing has changed
when you try to search writes The search could not be completed. Please try again later.
XenForo_Exception: Elasticsearch server returned no response. Is it running? - library/XenES/Search/SourceHandler/ElasticSearch.php:850


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I have responded to your ticket about this, but to reiterate: it doesn't sound like you've actually installed and setup elasticsearch. You need to confirm that it working (such as by accessing it via the command line). We can't really do that much to help there. If in doubt, contact as server admin to help get that setup.