Fixed Language locale not available

Hi I'm looking at the translation and I don't see the language in the locale (Myanmar). In the description of the locale.


I see

This option is used to output a language code into the HTML that lets search engines know the language of the page.

I was just wondering if there is a way I can manually add myanmar in the list or does that even matter? If you don't have the language what are you suppose to pick?



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There isn't really a great solution for that situation and I can't say I recall this coming up before. I think we'll look into expanding the locale list for a future release (so moving this to bugs).
Hi Mike,

Sounds good. Will be great if you can add more to the locale.

Now I need to start working on this though (and it will take sometimes). What do you suggest I do? Can I just use something else for now and just work in the language first and perhaps on a minor release when the new locale is added, I just change it to that?

Would that work? I don't want to wait a long time just for this locale to come up before I start getting to work.. since its a substantial amount of work.


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You can do the work regardless and change this value later. It doesn't change anything within XF.

It would actually be possible to hack the correct value in via the DB, but you can't then edit the language (as in the language properties, editing phrases is fine) or it'll lose that selection since it's not in the form.